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Re: zsh/pcre module breakage when static build enabled

On 2018-03-25 at 12:50 -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Why is pcre linking to this?  If pcre is actually starting threads,
> there may be unexpected side-effects.

With PCRE1, it means that the JIT was enabled, and that requires
threads.  With PCRE2, I'm less sure.

> At the very least we'd need an additional configure test to detect
> this pcre dependency.

The PCRE ChangeLog includes:
-------------------------8< PCRE1 ChangeLog >8--------------------------
Version 8.37 28-April-2015
[ ... ]
40. Static linking against the PCRE library using the pkg-config module was
    failing on missing pthread symbols.
-------------------------8< PCRE1 ChangeLog >8--------------------------

The same ChangeLog text is in PCRE2 as item 25 for version 10.20
released 30-June-2015.

Vadim has `pcre-config --version` reporting 8.42 though.  Perhaps a
regression, perhaps a system mismatch between libraries and tools.

Regardless, all the relevant errors from Vadim's post are in compiling
JIT stuff, which we're not using.  So it's bloat for unused
functionality but shouldn't be affecting our operation.


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