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Re: whence defect?

On 28/03/18 08:53 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
That'd get very strange to keep track of, given that "." could appear
anywhere in the path, including at the end.  You did ask (-a) for ALL
Sure, that's a legitimate way to look at it tho I'd be 60/40 the other way.  I want ALL occurrences but not necessarily two occurrences of exactly the same file viewed from two perspectives ... or, nuts, maybe the arbitrary location of 'dot' should be permitted to display the results of an overlap on the path -- that has to  be the simplest thing in either case.  And there is a simple fix anyway, no reason to whine for a change.

perhaps noted, but if it is to show up twice why would the 'dot' version not
show that it's a link as the explicit entry does?
Hmm.  The code to print whether a command is a symbolic link is using
zsh's internal symlink-chasing routine, but that method only works for
file names starting with "/".

Well I'd still say that's a mistake.  '-S' says show me links and since the dot is a legitimate path, it should be handled, no? Following your logic above, if I see ALL occurrences, fine, but I should also see ALL data even on Tuesday.  The file IS a link and '-S' says show me that.  Period.

... or remove the duplicate.

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