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Re: whence (was Re: local unfunction)

On 04/04/18 10:08 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:

Seriously, "hash -m" exists because somebody in the past 25 years found
it useful to search the hash tables, and "whence -m" exists because
"hash -m" does and somebody else thought that if anything has a "search
the tables" option then everything should have a "search the tables"
option (which is also why "typeset -m" exists ... in fact I've lost
track of which chicken laid which egg).
Ha!  I love these historical anecdotes.  But what we peasants need is a whence that does what God in his love wants it to do for us namely show us commands.  Even on the dot, even on Tuesday, even if the sum of the ascii values of the characters in the command is a prime number.  All the matches, all the time.  It really is unhelpful that -m and -a trip over each other.  It's Gnostic. Should switches ever do that?  Nope, either one subsumes the other, or one cancels the other, or they have entirely separate and complementary outputs.  Logically speaking we have a union minus the negation of an intersection.  Obscure.

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