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Re: make history-complete-older do nothing on empty string

 ❦ 18 avril 2018 10:45 +0100, Peter Stephenson <p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> :

> Sorry, yes, I tried this but copied it out of my history badly.  It's
> got "zle -C" in front and there's an underscore (you should find
> _debug_history is already autoloaded).  That's
> _debug_history() {
>   _complete_debug _history_complete_word
> }
> zle -C _debug_history .complete-word _debug_history
> bindkey '^[/' _debug_history


So, the result file is 700k

  +_history_complete_word:3> local expl direction stop curcontext=''
  +_history_complete_word:5> [[ -z '' ]]
  +_history_complete_word:6> curcontext=history-words:::
  +_history_complete_word:11> [[ _debug_history = *newer ]]
  +_history_complete_word:14> direction=older
  +_history_complete_word:17> zstyle -t :completion:history-words::::history-words stop
  +_history_complete_word:19> zstyle -T :completion:history-words::::history-words list
  +_history_complete_word:21> [[ self-insert = _history-complete-* ]]
  +_history_complete_word:70> _hist_stop=''
  +_history_complete_word:71> _hist_old_prefix=''
  +_history_complete_word:72> _history_complete_word_gen_matches
   +_history_complete_word_gen_matches:2> [[ -n '' ]]
   +_history_complete_word_gen_matches:4> _main_complete _history
    +_main_complete:11> local IFS=$' \t\n\C-@'
    +_main_complete:25> eval $'local -A _comp_caller_options;\n             _comp_caller_options=(${(kv)options[@]});\n             setopt localoptions localtraps localpatterns ${_comp_options[@]};\n             local IFS=$\' \\t\\r\\n\\0\';\n             builtin enable -p \\| \\~ \\( \\? \\* \\[ \\< \\^ \\# 2>&-;\n             exec </dev/null;\n             trap - ZERR;\n             local -a reply;\n             local REPLY;\n             local REPORTTIME;\n             unset REPORTTIME'
     +(eval):1> local -A _comp_caller_options
     +(eval):2> _comp_caller_options=( posixargzero off autolist on printexitvalue off kshzerosubscript off histreduceblanks off chaselinks off extendedglob on localloops off histnostore off automenu on globcomplete on unset on listpacked off promptsubst on shwordsplit off pathdirs off kshtypeset off listtypes on warncreateglobal off promptbang off dotglob off
     +_history:19> local opt expl max slice hmax=66742 beg=2
     +_history:21> zstyle -t :completion:history-words:history::: remove-all-dups
     +_history:22> opt=-
     +_history:27> zstyle -t :completion:history-words:history::: sort
     +_history:30> opt=-V
     +_history:33> zstyle -s :completion:history-words:history::: range max
     +_history:42> max=66742
     +_history:43> slice=66742
     +_history:46> PREFIX=''
     +_history:47> IPREFIX=''
     +_history:48> SUFFIX=''
     +_history:49> ISUFFIX=''
     +_history:54> local -a hslice
     +_history:55> [[ 0 -eq 0 && beg -lt max ]]
     +_history:56> [[ -n '' ]]
     +_history:58> hslice=(
[...my whole history]

I don't see where it should stop if there is no current word. I test
with "echo<space><meta-/>".

Use the fundamental control flow constructs.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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