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Re: zsh at perl conference and few questions


thanks for your reply

> It's quite hard to ensure alternative syntax gets parsed consistently
> --- I'm sure there are lots of inconsistencies --- but a lot of that is
> hidden.

well... i used it at least 15 years long without having problems so
we can imagine it's consistent enought :)

> > b) why the while loop can't take (( )) or single instruction as do
> > list ?
> Maybe because it's missing the code at the bottom?

should this code be merged in the zsh codebase ? :)

> > c) it seems the (+) syntax can't be used outside file expansions
> >    (or did i miss something?)
> Yes, there's no general "execute a function that does something" in
> other cases because there's no obvious definition of whit it would do
> --- unlike globbing qualifiers which are there as a simple filter.

is it a possible open discussion with zsh-workers ? it seems to me i
have a clear idea of how things could work but i have now idea of how to
implement it. maybe i should document it ? (or maybe there are some
archives outthere about why it cannot be obvious?)

> > d) is there a plan to have something like namespaces ?
> It was first discussed a long time ago, but no one has bitten the
> bullet.  Simple minded namespaces --- allow dots in the variable works
> --- are trivial, but the variable code is very complicated and working
> out how to do it properly is a big task that no one has been prepared to
> look at (saying "someone else ought to do this" does not count as
> looking at it" :-)).

in this case i wasn't talking about variables but only function names but
i imagine it goes the same.

once again thanks for your reply.


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