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detect if compinit was run and rerun

Dear all,

We are working on a small script that is supposed to be sourced to set
up some environment for a user. I.e. it mostly prepends to PATH,

For the additional commands, we would also like to provide tab
completions. The plan is atm to have them all in one directory which
would be prepended (appended?) to $fpath.

As far as I see, manipulating $fpath doesn't change the completion
behaviour until `compinit` is run. As far as I know it corresponds the
zsh design to not force completion on the user unless they ask for it,
therefore I don't want to blindly run compinit in the script (if a user
does not call `compinit`, I don't do it for them). On the other hand I
don't want to annoy users with "yes, you already called `compinit` in
your .zshrc, but you need to do it again".

I am therefore wondering if I can detect if `compinit` has already been
called and rerun it if so.

Do you have suggestions how to approach this?

I drafted:

( compdef ) ; [ $? != 127 ] && compinit ;

Ideally I would reuse its settings. I.e. if a user ran `compinit` with
-i or -C originally, our script shouldn't run `compinit` w/o.


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