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Re: Hey, who did this ?!?!

On Feb 16, 10:34am, Eskandar Ensafi wrote:
} Subject: Hey, who did this ?!?!
} A while back, we made certain corrections to zsh so that termcap entries
} are correctly intitialized in non-interactive shells, in order to allow
} print -P '%B...%b' sequences and similar text attributes/cursor motion
} commands to work properly in shell scripts.
} I just noticed that in zsh 2.6 beta 12 and 13, this feature has been turned
} off again -- pehaps by accident, perhaps due to execessive, unwarranted
} concerns for efficiency.

I believe the reason was because on some systems, scripts that don't
have a controlling terminal (or that are in the background) cause some
kind of an error, or get stopped by SIGTTIN, when initializing termcap.

Am I remembering wrong?

Bart Schaefer                     Vice President, Technology, Z-Code Software
schaefer@xxxxxxxxxx                  Division of NCD Software Corporation

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