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Re: ZSH presence on WWW cf. Perl

Mark Borges <mdb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Has anyone seen the Perl WWW page lately? It's at
> 	http://www.perl.com/perl/

Yes, it's very good.

> In particular, I'd like to suggest that the baseline documentation be
> converted to something other than nroff, such as perlpod. 

This seems like a great idea.  I've been writing a lot (for me at
least) documentation recently using perlpod and am quite taken with
it.  It is so easy to make simple pages that I find myself actually
giving my end users documentation much quicker than I used to.

In the past I used TeX, but that made it difficult to distribute
online documentation.

The caveat is that perlpod's "intent is simplicity, not power", and
that you can't do complex things.

We should also provide a zsh*.man as well as a zsh*.pod for those
people who don't have Perl installed.

> And you get pod2man, pod2html, maybe even a pod2texi, for free.

As of today the pod2texi isn't very usable.

Chris Dean

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