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On May 23, 11:00pm, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
} Subject: Re: HISTCHARS
} > 2.6:		HOSTTYPE iris4d became irix?? where ?? is OS version.
} HOSTTYPE is obsolate.

Why does it still exist, then?  If it's not going to have the same values
it used to have, it's pretty useless for it to even still be there.  I'd
rather have references to obsolete stuff produce an error than have it
silently do the wrong thing.

} There is $MACHTYPE $VENDOR $OSTYPE instead.  This
} comes from GNU autoconf.

Gag.  Oh, well.

} > 2.2:	HISTCHARS="\!=#" broke; had to change to HISTCHARS="!=#".
} "\!=# still works.  You probably wanted to write '\!=#'.  I mentioned this
} change in my previous mail.

I wrote what I wanted to write.

"\!=#" behaves differently in an init file than in an interactive shell:

zagzig% cat .zshrc
zagzig% echo "$HISTCHARS"
zagzig% HISTCHARS="\!=#"
zagzig% echo "$HISTCHARS"

This difference is pretty annoying, actually.

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