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BUG: useheap in doexpandhist()

I just got (in beta21):

	BUG: useheap in doexpandhist()

in the middle of completing the name of a zsh function.  It happened only
once, and I can't seem to make it happen again.

Possibly related --

In beta17 on IRIX, I can reliably crash zsh with the following sequence:

zsh% bindkey '\eq' push-line-or-edit
zsh% echo foo 'bar
> baz<ESC-q>
zsh% echo foo 'bar
zsh% echo foo 'bar'<RET>
foo bar
zsh% SA<TAB>
segmentation fault

(where SA can be any completion that will fail; I happened to be trying to
complete SAVEHIST, for reasons too obscure to go into).

I have automenu set, in case that matters; compctls are the defaults.

However, I can't crash beta21 on linux with that sequence.  I haven't had a
chance to compile beta21 on IRIX as yet.

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