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Re: Tag functions with shell options?

Bart wrote:
> } The lack of context was sort-of deliberate, since I
> } suspected any interest would be in the wider picture, rather than my
> } particular petty problems.  It seemed simply an example of something
> } it would be nice to support elegantly.
> This introduces a whole class of problems, which is most obvious in the
> case when you *do not* know the names of the functions that should have
> their local options (or whatever) changed.  In that case you almost end
> up needing something like Perl's "package".

Right. I guess this is like what I would have thought of doing as a sort of
closure.  So a function, when defined, would snapshot its option-environment.

function setup() {
  setopt local_options closure_options sh_word_split
  . /someone/elses/setup/file.sh

> Because the alias for yfn was introduced *after* xfn1 was defined, xfn1
> still references the "real" yfn, rather than the alias.  The presumption
> is that if you're going to use

OK. As if aliases are resolved at parse-time. Or something. Perhaps they are.
I should RTFS. But I understand now. 

Thank-you all.


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