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Re: Another patch to compctl-examples CVS compctl, and a bug?

On Jul 15,  3:02am, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
} Subject: Re: Another patch to compctl-examples CVS compctl, and a bug?
} > 	"${${${(f@)$({<${pref}CVS/Entries} 2>/dev/null)}#/}%%/*}"
} There are two problems with that.  First I've modified the lexer so that
} !, [[, { and } are reserved words now.  This means that these must be
} delimited.  So {echo} no longer works, { echo } should be used instead.
} Similarily [[-z $foo]] does not work, [[ -z $foo ]] should be used.

Hmm.  I don't think anything else I've done depends on that, but given
that we're already at 3.0-preN for N >1, it seems a rather bad time to
make the change.

} The other problem is that this depends on READNULLCMD being cat.

It depends on READNULLCMD being something that knows when its output
is not a terminal, at least; "less" and "more" both work just as well
as "cat".

} $(<...) always works since it is always recognized as a special command
} substitution.  That's why the 2> redirection does not work in that case

Still seems like a bug to me.

} > If there's a better way than `for f in ... do echo ... done' to prefix
} > every element of the resulting array with ${pref}, I'd love to see it.
} It's simply
}  	"${pref}${^${${(f@)$({<${pref}CVS/Entries} 2>/dev/null)}#/}%%/*}"

I thought something like that should work, but I never tried the carat
in that particular spot.

} > works fine.  However, if no CVS directory exists at all, the above
} > subsitution prints a newline to the terminal -- which messes up zle.
} Are you sure that there is not empty element in the reply?

Why should that make a difference?  It still shouldn't output a newline.

} The above `parameter expansion' always produces at least one element.

Here's the behavior I see in a directory that has no CVS subdirectory:

If I replace my `for ... echo' loop with your ${^...} solution above,
then *every* time I hit TAB I get a newline on the terminal, and I
never see any completions.  (Your solution works normally in a dir
that *does* have a CVS subdir.)

If I use my `for ... echo' loop, I get a newline the first time I hit
TAB.  The second time I hit TAB I get the leading hyphen from the -k
array of option letters, followed by a newline, followed by `A' (the
first option letter).  From that point on I get no stray newlines, and
the options cycle normally (though zle is confused if I don't do a
<redisplay> at some point.

If I use your solution with an explicit "cat", I don't get any newlines,
but I also don't get any completions -- not even the -k ones.

If I switch back to an explicit "cat" and use my original `for' loop,
everything works exactly as I would expect -- no stray newlines at all,
and all the expected -k completions appear.

So it has something to do with READNULLCMD, and there's something else
broken about your solution.  (Maybe that's where the empty element in
the array is involved?)

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