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Re: ZLE scrolly bugfix

:Actaully, knowing how it works, that patch looks trivially simple.  Not
:much to show for an hour's hacking.

Sorry, I didn't patch it properly.  Works fine (in my quick check of the
previous problem)

:I have to say, single-line scrolling at 9600 baud isn't great.  But
:it's good to have the choice.

The 9600 was an arbitrary choice.  It should probably be higher: 19200
or 38400.

:Anyway, for 3.1 I'd rather like `lazy' scrolling -- only scroll when
:the cursor is moved to the top or bottom of the screen.  We already
:have this for SINGLE_LINE_ZLE, though of course it's much simpler
:there.  It would mean some fairly radical changes to some of the
:refresh code, so it's probably not a good idea right now.

The current problem with that sort of thing is the refresh code would
need to know that the line hasn't changed radically since the last change,
eg. with ^P (up-line-or-history), ^R (history-incremental-search-backward)
type commands.  With most editors, this is implicit - the file isn't going
to change in this way.
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