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Re: Incompatibility in zsh-3.0-pre3 ?

> pws@xxxxxx said:
> > This is due to the change that {, }, and [[ are treated as `reserved 
> > words' --- which basically means they have to appear separately on 
> > the command line.  This is for compatibility (repeat mantra 57 times 
> > :-/).

Actually it also makes the lexer slightly simpler.

> I just want to go on record as stating that I think this is really NOT a good
> thing.  IMO, *way* too many scripts and functions are going to break.  Bart's

Seeing the great opposition I'll probably reverse this change in the next
release (these will remain reserved words but will be treated more

> Big picture questions: How can we have major changes like this shortly before
> a release?  What's the timeframe for the 3.0 release?  When do we stop making
> incompatible changes?

I think that if an incompatible change is necessary it must be done before
3.0 is out.


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