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Re: more dependencies on emulation

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> If zsh were really emulating sh, arrays wouldn't work at all.  So it's a
> bit dubious to force ksh syntax only, given that it affects the indices
> as well as the syntax.

In sh ${foo[1]} is a syntax error so it does not introdueces any

> I don't have a ksh to try this, but ~{pfalstad,rc} works fine in Bash

% ksh
$ echo ${.sh.version}
Version 12/28/93d
$ echo ~{hzoli,root}
~hzoli ~root

pdksh behaves similarily.

> (that is, the ~ is expanded), even though ~$USER doesn't expand tilde.
> In zsh's ksh emulation mode with this patch applied, ~$USER works, but

Do you mean that it gives the home directory of $USER?  It did not do that
before the patch.

> ~{pfalstad,rc} fails unless IGNORE_BRACES is also unset.  There doesn't

IGNORE_BRACES should probably be not set if zsh is invoked as ksh.  I'll
change that.

There is no standard for brace expansion and probably that's why shells are
differerent here.


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