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Re: vi mode and ^A

On Jul 20, 12:38pm, Bill Pemberton wrote:
} Subject: vi mode and ^A
} I use the vi editing mode.  In 2.5, I can use ^A and ^E (for beginning of
} line/end of line).  However, this doesn't work in 3.0.  Even if I do:
} bindkey '^A' beginning-of-line
} Actually, it does work 3.0, but in a less then desirable way.  If I do the
} bindkey, ^A works in insert mode only, not in command mode (it was the other
} way around in 2.5).

I don't know what was going on in 2.5, but (from zsh.info):

  Command bindings may be set using the `bindkey' builtin.  There are two
  keymaps; the main keymap and the alternate keymap.  The alternate
  keymap is bound to vi command mode.  The main keymap is bound to emacs
  mode by default.  To bind the main keymap to vi insert mode, use
  `bindkey -v'.  However, if either of the `VISUAL' or `EDITOR'
  environment variables contains the string `vi' when the shell starts up
  the main keymap will be bound to vi insert mode by default.

So what you want is:

  bindkey -a '^A' beginning-of-line

Perhaps in 2.5 after bindkey -v, bindkey without -a put the bindings into
both the main and alternate keymaps?  Or has the meaning of "main" and
"alternate" for vi mode changed?  There's nothing in the ChangeLog ...

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