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Does run-help work as intended?

Please forgive my nit-picking, but ... in zle_bindings.c we find:

    {"run-help", processcmd, ZLE_MENUCMP},

If I'm not mistaken, the ZLE_MENUCMP there means that typing <run-help>
should not interrupt a menu completion in progress.  That is, during a
command completion when menu-cycling through choices, I should be able
to invoke run-help on a command, decide that's not the one I wanted,
and proceed to complete the next command in the cycle.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work, though it would be wonderful if it did.

processcmd(), the internal implementation of run-help, uses pushline()
to save the current command line, then inserts the new "run-help ..."
command.  This means that ZLE reads the "run-help ..." as if it were
typed input; so the last ZLE action seen before the line is reprinted
is not run-help, but accept-line.  Thus the menu completion stops, no
matter what flags are attached to "run-help"; ZLE_MENUCMP might as well
not be there.

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