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Re: Bug in case stmt with '('

On Jul 24,  9:29am, Zefram wrote:
} Subject: Re: Bug in case stmt with '('
} >I can't find any case where zsh doesn't permit '(' to be a glob metachar.
} >SH_GLOB relates to parameter and command substitutions, not filenames.
} Which is a failing, in my opinion.  The glob syntax should be as
} consistent as possible (we seem to *need* some special handling in
} `case`).  SH_GLOB having an effect only in certain places seems very
} silly, and is rather confusing.  What's the rationale for it?

I confess to not understanding what it even *means* to "[disable] the
special meaning of `(', `|', `)' and `<' for globbing the result of
parameter and command substitutions."  And what *are* the "some other
places where the shell accepts patterns" where this has effect?

One of them seems to be any command that takes a -m option as with
`typeset -m x\*' -- which seems bizarre to me; another is parameter
assignments with globsubst set.  Others?

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