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Re: 3.0-pre3 fails on CRAY-YMP

Bruce Stephens <stephens@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> One is that configure claims to find -ldir, but the link at the end
> says it can't find it.  That's a minor problem, which I don't
> understand (may be a bug in autoconf, for all I know).

Autoconf is broken in this sense, the Cray ld does not bug out if you
try to link with nonexistant libraries, and autoconf thinks it has to
include them. I will send a patch for this some day.

> The second is that there are a couple of calls to setlimits in
> exec.c which aren't protected with #ifdef's for getrlimits, which
> the Cray appears to lack.

I think I tried to build pre1 on a J90 (which basically is a YMP in
CMOS) with Unicos 9, but I'm not sure. What version are you using?

One other problem I have is that it fails to change the terminal
settings (with stty) - it looks like they get reset back when stty
exits (and no I don't have that option on). I think it might have to
do something to do with the way it opens the terminal, but Im not
sure. Bash works all right.

While on the subject of supercomputers; it seem to work on a 
Fujitsu VX :-)


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