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Re: options shenanigans in pre4

>> Where did that "is" come from?  It's obviously a typo, and should be
>> removed.
>I just applied your patch and replaced SH_FILE_SUBST with SH_FILE_EXPN.
>Either it was already in the patch or I accidently pressed some keys.

I've checked; it was already in the patch.  It's a typo on my part.

>I would not like that.  I've just checked pdksh which interprets -s as
>SH_IN_STDIN unlike ksh93 which sorts the positional parameters.  POSIX does
>not requires -s.  It seems that the majority of the shells interpret -s as
>shinstdin.  Perhaps the best is to bring it back even if it increases the
>risk of misusing it.

I based the ksh option set on pdksh, not realising the
incompatibility.  As both sh and pdksh handle -s the way zsh does, I
think it would be better to use -s for SHIN_STDIN.  We should then
remove -t, if we're going to be consistent.

>I'd rather say pdksh.  Neither bash nor ksh93 know about -X and -l, but
>both know all of the other sh options in zsh only they interpret -s in a
>different way.  pdksh knows both -X and -l but -s behaves as in bash (and
>as in the Solaris 2.4 /bin/sh).  This means that the most precise option
>name would be PDKSH_OPTION_LETTERS :-) but the next best match is
>SH_OPTION_LETTERS if we restore -s as shinstdin.

OK, SH_OPTION_LETTERS seems fine in that case.

On a related matter, I suggest you re-examine the status of -1 and -C
(PRINT_EXIT_VALUE and NO_CLOBBER).  In pre4, -C returned to being
PRINT_EXIT_VALUE in the zsh option set, though zshoptions(1) claims
that -C is always NO_CLOBBER.  If this is due to me having merged the
change into my option patch incorrectly, I apologise.  Either the
documentation or the code needs to change, and I suggest that changing
the documentation would be preferable (as -C has traditionally been
PRINT_EXIT_VALUE in zsh, and it's NO_CLOBBER in the ksh option set


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