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Something fishy in process timing

Have a look at this paste from my xterm:

/tmp% xjig -file /tmp/a.gif -ts 50 &|                              7:03pm
/tmp%                                                              7:04pm
xjig V2.4, by Helmut Hoenig, July-24-96

  Imported from TIFF image: 09320028.tif
X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

/tmp% ~/ftp                                                        8:11pm
~/ftp% ls                                                          8:12pm
[ ... ]
ls  133.68s user 37.81s system 100% cpu 0.312 total

I probably included somewhat more context than necessary, but this seems
to be an interaction between several processes.  The bug is obviously the
last line.  The ls really only took the indicated total time, so the user
and system times are obviously bogus (no, this is not a 500 processor
parallel machine with a really, really slow ls).

What it looks like is that the user and system timings for the disowned
xjig process got added to the reported timings for the ls.  That doesn't
seem the right thing to do.

FWIW, this is a machine running Linux 2.0.9 and zsh 3.0 pre3.

	Carl Edman

PS:  If this really were a parallel machine in which user+system time
legitimately exceeds wall clock time, wouldn't the right thing be to
report more than 100% CPU usage ? 

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