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Preparing to release 3.0

I said:
> > Is 3.0 supposed to be a really stable release?  Or is 3.0 supposed to be
> > a work-the-kinks-out-for-3.1 release?

Zoltan Hidvegi writes:
> I think that 3.0-pre4 is already quite stable. [...] There may be some
> coding bugs of course but these are usually trivially fixed by a one-line
> patch.

My question of stability was more about code-base stability and the
trivial bugs, not crashing.  A flurry of one-line patches to fix trivial
bugs in 3.0 is what we want to avoid as much as possible.  We need to
ensure that the recent trap changes are free of trivial problems (like
the BUG bug), and that the recent brace changes are as well, etc.

Why don't we declare the upcoming zsh pre5 "frozen" (basically pre4 with
the latest patches)?  It will remain unchanged except for bug fixes
deemed necessary for release.  Then we can pound on it for a while and
after a couple weeks of code-base stability, decide if we believe 3.0 is
ready for release.


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