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Re: New zed and refresh bug

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
:> Zoltan wrote:
:> :It demonstrates a zle bug.  Just load this zed function, unset the BAUD
:> :parameter (to get half-screen scrolls in zed), invoke zed -f zed, and use
:> :the up-arrow to move to the top of the function.  On a 80x25 Linux console
:> :with ncurses a bogous `if [[ -f $dir/$1 ]' appears on the 5th screen line
:> :after the second half-screen scroll.
:I can reproduce it in an xterm on Solaris 2.4, IBM AIX 3.2 and DEC OFS/1
:V2.0, SunOS 4.1.2 and Ultrix 4.2.

OK. I can repro it now - doesn't look good.  Yep, looks like an insert problem.
Will send a fix in soon (Should be today or tomorrow (Wednesday)).  Also will
change 9600 to 19200 as the minimum speed for single line scroll (unless anyone
thinks it should be 38400?)

:I can not reproduce it on Linux with termcap (although I use a quite old
:/etc/termcap) but with ncurses it is reproducible either in an xterm or on
:the console.
:The new contents of the line gets inserted before the bogous line so the
:correct if ... which was on the screen before the scroll is shifted right
:as the new contents of the line is printed.  Perhaps it happens only if the
:terminal has some insert capability (I'm just guessing).
Geoff Wing [mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] PrimeNet - Internet Consultancy

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