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Re: Something fishy in process timing

> > By the way, my time reports look like this:
> > 
> > ./usetime 2 1000000: 1.37s(r) 1.35s(u) 0.02s(s) (99%): %K kb, max %M kb, %F pf
> > 
> > I still haven't worked out what happened to %K, %M and %F.
> They've got removed on 30 March 1995 by Richard.  If you have the RCS
> sources it happened in revision 1.18 of jobs.c.
> I think the corresponting ChangeLog entry is:
>         * most of signals.{c,h} rewritten.
> Perhaps it was not portable?

I can answer this one, since I removed them.  When I rewrote the
signals code, I converted zsh from using the BSD signals functions by
default to using the POSIX signal functions.  The flags such as %K
return information that is specific to the way resource usage is
reported on BSD.  I looked for portable alternatives, but didn't find
anything.  I also rewrote the way resource usage information was
reported.  It sucks that we lost those flags, but almost no one complained
at the time, and it greatly cleaned up the code, I consider it a small


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