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Re: Procmail rejects zsh as being "broken"

> Well, when zsh is invoked as zsh it does not pretend to be Bourne shell
> compatible.  That's not a bug.  Zsh is really Bourne compatible if called
> as sh.  The complicated *zsh* test in procmail is unnecessary.  It'll never
> work.  The problem is that procmail tells that zsh is broken.  Zsh is not
> broken, it is simply different from a Bourne shell when invoked as zsh.
> Procmail should just inform the user that it uses /bin/sh or whatever
> instead of zsh and should not spread misinformation about zsh.
> Zoltan

Darn.  I was about to say this.  It's perfectly reasonable for the
package to default to /bin/sh, since I don't care what shell it uses,
for the most part.  And /bin/sh might well be zsh in disguise, but
that's OK because when invoked as /bin/sh, it'll work as procmail

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