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Re: Announcement draft

> Zoltan Hidvegi <hzoli@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > More than a thousand bugs have been fixed since the release of
> > zsh-2.5.0
> This makes 2.5.0 sound quite unusable, which it wasn't.  Are you also

Well I tend to think that 2.5.0 is almost unusably buggy.  At least as I
remember each time I wanted to write a shell script more complicated than
average it turned out that I have to figure out how to circumvent the bugs
which prevented the script running.  Especially in subst.c and params.c
there were really ridiculous bugs.  Things like

if (...) {
	char *s = zalloc(10);

It lookd as if someone started something and forgot to finish.  I started
to hack the code exactly because of these bugs.

For interactive use 2.5.0 is quite fine but it was a pain to use it with

I thinkg I'll thant `more than a thousand' to `several hundred' but that
does not sound much better either.  I'm sure that if you read the ChangeLog
you'll really find several hundred fixes relative to 2.5.0 and note that
not all fixes mentioned there.


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