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Re: More Configure problems

Peter wrote:
> > Next problem with Configure... actually with the makedepend script
> > that comes with it:  this assignment is failing:
> > 
> >     defrule=`<$mf sed -n		\
> > ...
> > 
> > That first interestingly positioned <$mf (sometimes I wonder if people
> > do this deliberately) is supposed to be a redirection, but zsh is
> > treating it like $(<...).  ksh behaves like sh here, i.e. only $(<...)
> > has that behaviour.  Perhaps we should follow suit.
> Well, there's only about one possible fix, as follows.  The manual
> page mentions $(<...) and specifically fails to mention `<...`, so I
> think we're in line with that after the patch.  No other Configure
> problems that I've noticed.  (This is actually non-trivial, if you
> want to install perl on Linux without having to have bash around.)

I'd prefer a different fix.  I think it is better to parse each command
substitution lexically and if it consists of a single redirection to stdin
than behave as $(< file) behaves now.  This is really preferrable since $(<
file command) should execute the given command.  That's the ksh behaviour
and that's what required by POSIX.  I'll try to write a patch for that.


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