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Re: RS6000 build problem?

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Price <gt5076c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Jason> This really is a shot in the dark, but...  My system's admin
Jason> just built zsh for me on most of the computers that he's in
Jason> charge of.  Unfortunatly he couldn't get it to build on the
Jason> RS6000's.  Since my shell is zsh, I can't log into those
Jason> machines to get any more info that this: IBM AIX Version 3 for
Jason> RISC System/6000

I have had no problems building on either AIX 3.2.5 or 4.1.3.  The
3.2.5 is my primary machine at work and I use zsh-3.0.0 without

I've looked at the compilation output and the /usr/include/utmp.h file
and don't see anything wrong with my copy of it.  The syntax errors
all coincide with the "pid_t" type.  Check your config.h which was
produced after the "configure" program ran and see what's at about
line 60.  Here's what I see:

/* Define to `int' if <sys/types.h> doesn't define.  */
/* #undef pid_t */

It could be that configure didn't work properly and you may have edit
config.h and define pid_t to an int.  The configure program works
properly for me and it builds w/o modification.


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