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Minor 3.0.0 man page bug; problem with Util/helpfiles

First, the lack of a space in a BR directive messes up `man zshoptions'.

Index: Doc/zshoptions.man
--- /usr/src/local/zsh-3.0.0/Doc/zshoptions.man	Tue Aug 13 18:13:18 1996
+++ /usr/local/man/man1/zshoptions.1	Fri Aug 16 23:12:18 1996
@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@
 functions and special builtins are kept after the command completes unless
 the special builtin is prefixed with the \fBcommand\fP builtin.  Special
 builtins are
-.BR. ,
+.BR . ,
 .BR : ,
 .BR break ,
 .BR continue ,

Second, I should have noticed this before, but ...

`man zsh | helpfiles' doesn't do anything useful, so the comment should
probably be changed.

`man zshall | helpfiles' generates the following spurious output files:

    A             Default       Some          These         zshzle
    Also          If            Subscripting  This
    Command       Note          Subscripts    zshcompctl
    Completion    Options       The           zshoptions
    Control       Positional    There         zshparam

`man zshbuilins | ...' works better, but produces a very unhelpfile file
for `compctl' (not that zshall gives that much better a one).

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