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3.0.0 configure failure (bug in autoconf 2.10?)

Linux 1.3.15, gcc 2.7.0, ELF.

checking for tcsetpgrp... yes
checking for tcgetattr... yes
checking for strstr... yes
checking for lstat... no
checking for getlogin... yes
checking for setpgid... yes

The message from config.log is:
/tmp/cca194791.o(.text+0x14): undefined reference to `lstat'

The problem seems to be in the AC_CHECK_FUNCS macro.  Zsh's configure,
which says it is from autoconf 2.10, produces a conftest.c containing
the equivalent of:

char lstat();
int t() {
 return 0;

If I look at a different software package whose configure was generated by
autoconf 1.11, the code is:

int t() {
 extern char lstat(); lstat();
 return 0;

This latter compiles successfully and thus defines HAVE_LSTAT.

So just exactly who is wrong here?  autoconf?  gcc 2.7.0?

In any case, I suggest the following change to glob.c, just to prevent the
(@) glob modifier from producing wildly inaccurate results when configure
makes this kind of error.

--- Src/glob.c.0	Sat Jul 27 13:24:36 1996
+++ Src/glob.c	Mon Aug 19 22:39:47 1996
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@
 			/* Toggle matching of symbolic links */
 			sense ^= 2;
-#ifdef S_IFLNK
+#if defined(S_IFLNK) && defined(HAVE_LSTAT)
 		    case '@':
 			/* Match symbolic links */
 			func = qualmode;

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