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Unidentified subject!


1. Installation of zsh 3.0.0 under DEC/OSF1:

   The hint in Etc/MACHINES for Dec/Alpha is not fully correct:

        If you can't modify the
        header file, copy it to the current directory, modify that
        copy, and put a `-I.' argument into CFLAGS in Makefile for
        the Src subdirectory when compiling.

   This should be modified, because the include file must be moved
   into a directory called "rpcsvc"; otherwise, zle_tricky.c must
   be patched.

2. Using the ksh allows to export aliases, but I miss such a feature
   for zsh.

   Background: Within a zsh script, I start another zsh by the exec
   command. Exported zsh variables remain accessible, but aliases
   are not known in the new zsh. What to do?


Joachim Backes



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