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Re: Reliable zsh-3.0.0 core dump

> I can't get a core dump either if I use --enable-zsh-mem ... only with
> the system malloc.  I hadn't tried zsh-mem before.

Did you try --enable-zsh-{debug,mem{,-debug},secure-free}?

The patch below fixes a bug which may cause that.  While testing this I
also discovered that pipe synchronization was really necessary.

> BTW, here's a probably-related oddity (vanilla 3.0.0 zsh -f withOUT the
> function above):
> zagzig% set -vx
> zagzig% run-help<ESC h>			<-- cursor imediately after the `p'
> zagzig% run-help run-help
> run-help run-help
> + man run-help
> No manual entry for run-help
> zagzig% run-help <ESC h>		<-- space between `p' and cursor
> zagzig% run-help man
> run-help man
> + man man
> In the second case, the built-in alias of run-help to man expanded before
> help was invoked; in the first case it did not.  I think it should be
> consistent (and I think the first case is how it should work, i.e. don't
> expand the alias, but that's less important).
> Or is this intentional and simply not documented?

It is half-intentional.  When the current word for completion is requested
from the lexer alias expansion is disabled for that word which is good and
reasonable.  The same mechanism is used by run-help.


*** Src/zle_tricky.c	1996/08/23 19:18:43	2.73
--- Src/zle_tricky.c	1996/08/25 23:29:14
*** 3871,3877 ****
--- 3871,3879 ----
  	zleparse = 1;
+ 	metafy_line();
  	inpush(dupstrspace((char *) line), 0);
+ 	unmetafy_line();
  	do {

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