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Re: Distribution terms

> Before you go through that hassle, perhaps we should have (a) a statement
> from Zoltan on whether he thinks the patches are worth including in the
> first place, and (b) a discussion on zsh-workers about that statement.

In their present state, they shouldn't be added, but if cleaned up so
they're independent of list_types, I don't see why not.  list_types
suggests that there's some equivalence between listing files for
completion and listing files generally, so perhaps a better solution
(which wouldn't involve much extra code) would be to allow users to
execute a command on lists of completions, so I could just pass it to
ls.  Does anybody see anything wrong with that?  (Potentially, one
could then get rid of list_types in favour of the user providing "ls
-F", but there are obvious speed problems with that.)

> I, for one, find this to be complete fluff and would just as soon skip it.

It's certainly fluff, but I think it's quite pretty.  I'd just as soon
do it differently, though: I'd be happy for zsh to use an external ls.
Or, one day, when we have dynamic loading in zsh like ksh93, perhaps a
dynamically loaded ls function that I've extracted from fileutils.

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