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Re: Distribution terms

> Hi.
>   Do you, Zoltan, or does anyone else know where I can find explicit
> distribution terms for Zsh.  I've looked the usual places, and not found
> any information.  I'm asking permission of the FSF to use the bit of
> color_ls in zsh, but we need to let them know the distribution policy.
>   The closest thing I can find is in the heading of the top level
> Makefile.in.  Are those the up-to-date terms and disclaimer?

The distribution terms for the source code are given at the top of each
file in Src.  Essentially, all the C code is copyrighted by Paul, while
the Makefiles, and config stuff are copyrighted by me.  The copyright
notice is a Berkeley style copyright that I got from the Tcl/Tk
distribution (this is sometimes called the Ousterhout license), and
Paul agreed to allow me to distribute zsh under those terms.  He
specifically did not want to use the GPL.

The man pages do not have a copyright notice, but should be considered
to be copyrighted by Paul as well.  [ Zoltan, can you add this notice? ]


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