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Re: HOW TO distiguish between command input and forked subshell ?

On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> > Exactly, I want to have the function 'chpwd' give some output
> > if triggered by 'cd' or 'chdir' BUT TO GIVE NO OUTPUT
> > if triggered by cases like  '... $(cd somewhere; ls)...' 
> > 
> > Might that be possible ?
> chpwd() {
>     if [[ -t 1 ]]
>     then
> 	print By golly, my standard output is a terminal.
>     fi
> }

There is a little problem with output of chdir(). Here follows:

if I cd to non-local directory using CDPATH, cd will report current
directory after changing to it. I always found it boring (as I have
directory in prompt anyway) and suggested the option to shut it off. The
answer was (as expected ;) that I can use

cd () { builtin cd $* > /dev/null }

Well, it works, but any output from chdir() is also lost :( I don't
know, if it is right, that chdir() is using the same descriptor as cd, but
if it is to be so, may be new option is still useful? 


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