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Re: two new bugs

I wrote:
> 2)
> % fn() { if true; then functions fn | less; fi; }
> % fn
> zsh: 14277 done                    functions fn | 
> zsh: 14278 suspended (tty output)  less

There's a race condition here.  This makes it rather nastily system
dependent exactly how it shows up.  I also sometimes get the
right output, but instead of being piped through less it simply ends
up dumped to the terminal, with a status of 1 returned.  These tests
were on IRIX 5.3; with SunOS 5.5 I can't get it to show up at all.

It also means that it's not as new as I'd thought, just the symptoms
show up differently, so it may well have been in 3.0.1-test1 as
distributed.  However, backing out Zoltan's patch for performance,
archive/latest/2064, did not remove it.

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