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Bug in Parsing?

ZSH has problems parsing the following line:

(( /bin/sh -c "ls" )& )

It replies with:

zsh: parse error near `/bin/sh -c '

ksh, bash, sh and posix-sh on the HP-UX all accept that command.

I've build ZSH-3.0.0 on HP-UX 9.05 with HP cc.

It seems that zsh does not like the outermost parenthesis.  At least,
it wants a blank between the two opening ones...  It is probably
related to the $(( construct ...

ZSH-2.6-beta21 shows the same behaviour.

This example might seem artificial but this is how our local setup is
working: we have to put in our .profile (or .zprofile in my case) the
following command:

 eval `setup`.

This setup program is supposed to set some environment variables.

The setup command is issuing a command like the faulty one.

I'll have to do eval `setup | sed ...` as a workaround.

Alain Caron
Nortel Technology, Montr?al, Qu?bec, Canada
email: alainc@xxxxxxxxx
phone: 514-765-7718 or ESN 852-7718

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