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options glob_assign/magic_equal_subst

 is option "magic_equal_subst" now obsolete and renamed/replaced by 
 "glob_assign" with a slightly different functionality and implementation? 
 I was checking my old versions 2.5.0/2.5.03 and it didn't seem to work
 there anyway!  Perhaps my understanding of it is insufficient.
 Anyone care to give an example?

% zsh -f
% T=*
% echo $T
% T=*<TAB>
  globs on files.  I am very dubious about the correctness of this.

The whole section on glob_assign could use some rewriting for clarification.
I only know its exact behaviour from reading the articles months ago about
it when it was implemented.

>From zshoptions.1:
                     If this option is set,  filename  generation
                     is  performed  on  the  right  hand  side of
                     parameter assignments.  If  the  result  has
                     more  than  one  words  the  parameter  will
		                      ^^^^^ typo
                     become  an  array.  This  was  the   default
                     behaviour  in earlier versions of zsh but it
                     is incompatible with sh and ksh. Also it  is
                     not  possible  to tell in advance wheter the
		                                       ^^^^^^ typo
                     result will be a scalar or  an  array.  This
                     option is provided for backwards compatibil-
                     ity only. Globbing is  always  performed  on
                     the  right hand side of name=( value ) array
                     assignments regardless of this option.
                     All  unquoted  arguments of the from identi-
		     				     ^^^^ typo
                     fier=expression  have  file  expansion  per-
                     formed on expression as if it were a parame-
                     ter assignment, although the argument is not
                     otherwise treated specially.

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