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3.0.1-test3 test release

You can find the new test release in

The file date/size is

   43378 Oct  8 02:46 zsh-3.0.1-test3.diff.gz

md5 checksum:

1bc2283fb7e53302a441750944a5a7be  zsh-3.0.1-test3.diff.gz

Hopefully this will be the last test release before zsh-3.0.1.  It is a
patch against the baseline zsh-3.0.0 release.  See the ChangeLog for the
full list of changes.  To compile it, do

gzip -dc zsh-3.0.0.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd zsh-3.0.0
zcat zsh-3.0.1-test3.diff.gz | patch -p
touch configure stamp-h.in

On some systems make is buggy so it may be necessary to go to the Src and
Doc subdirectories and run make there manually.

This version will probably not compile out of the box on DEC OSF/1 V4.0 and
later with gcc because I sill do not know how to check in a clean way that
the OS version is older than OSF/1 V4.0.  The problematic part is in
prototypes.h lines 104-110.  The predefined preprocessor macros are
identical on OSF V[2-4].?.  I do not have access to any V4.x boxes to fix
it.  Any patches fixing the V4.0 gcc compilation problem which not breaking
anything else are welcome.

Compilation problems on cray-unicos should be fixed by this release.


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