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I know I'm several months behind everyone else, but I've belatedly
realised that I find the new pushd behaviour unusable because if you
bring an arbitrary directory (say via pushd +2) to the top there's no
way of knowing where in the stack the directory you were just in has
landed.  Since I'm used to being able to go straight back there just
by typing `pushd', this is a major flaw.  If I use `cd +2' the last
directory disappears altogether.  I've got to use `pushd -' to get
back which is a bit too much for my brain to handle --- plus this time
the rearrangement isn't cyclic, so the order gets royally messed up
when I'm back in the original directory (to put it another way, the
behaviour pushing an existing directory when PUSHD_IGNORE_DUPS is set
is now incompatible with pushd +n).

In fact, a cyclic rearrangement is just too much for my brain to
handle anyway because nothing is where it was.  I want pushd to work
so that I can leave group symmetry operations inside analysis
programmes where they belong rather than thinking about $C_N$
representations every time I change directories.  Could we have an

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