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Re: pushd

Vinnie Shelton said:
> This is just a "Yeah, what he said". message.
> pws@xxxxxx said:
> > I know I'm several months behind everyone else, but I've belatedly 
> > realised that I find the new pushd behaviour unusable because if you 
> > bring an arbitrary directory (say via pushd +2) to the top there's no 
> > way of knowing where in the stack the directory you were just in has 
> > landed.  Since I'm used to being able to go straight back there just 
> > by typing `pushd', this is a major flaw.  If I use `cd +2' the last 
> > directory disappears altogether.  I've got to use `pushd -' to get 
> > back which is a bit too much for my brain to handle --- plus this 
> > time the rearrangement isn't cyclic, so the order gets royally messed 
> > up when I'm back in the original directory (to put it another way, 
> > the behaviour pushing an existing directory when PUSHD_IGNORE_DUPS is 
> > set is now incompatible with pushd +n). 
> I'm glad you mentioned this, Peter.  I've had way too much difficulty with 
> this as well.  I end up running 'dirs' all the time.

Here's another yeah as well.  I find `pushd ~N' more to my liking as I can
never remember the dir stack order anyway.  Its too bad that '~' is such an
inconvenient key.

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