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Re: Building zsh-3.0.0 SGI IRIX 5.3

Alan Stephenson wrote:
> Probably something silly, but:
>   The configure script supplied is determined to think I'm
> cross-compiling. Even if I persuade it I'm not, by hacking the script,
> the following occurs during the operation of `make':

Irix 5.3 is known to work, with or without gcc.  Sometimes if the gcc
setup is bad configure can be confused into thinking it's
cross-compiling.  If you can remove gcc from your path and let
configure use the native cc it might work or give some indication of
what's happening.

Note to zsh-workers: shouldn't there ideally be a --[no]with-gcc
option to configure?  Some GNU software has this.  It's not always
right to assume people prefer building with gcc.

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