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Re: Building zsh-3.0.0 SGI IRIX 5.3

On Oct 14, 10:02am, Alan Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Building zsh-3.0.0 SGI IRIX 5.3
} Probably something silly, but:
}   The configure script supplied is determined to think I'm
} cross-compiling. Even if I persuade it I'm not, by hacking the script,
} the following occurs during the operation of `make':
} ...
}         sed -n -f ./makepro.sed zle_utils.c > zle_utils.pro
}         sed -n -f ./makepro.sed zle_vi.c > zle_vi.pro
}         sed -n -f ./makepro.sed zle_word.c > zle_word.pro
}         nawk -f ./signames.awk /usr/include/sys/signal.h > signames.h
}         gcc -c -I.. -I. -I.  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H (-xansi -rdata_shared -p0
} -g0 -s -O2 -32) ansi2knr.c
} UX:sh (sh): ERROR: sh: Syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected
} *** Error code 2 (bu21)
} *** Error code 1 (bu21)
}   Not really sure what's going on here. Should the gcc line have the
} brackets?

Multiple questions arise.

Why is ansi2knr.c being compiled?  Both gcc and the IRIX C compiler are
ansi, so configure should NOT think K&R conversion is needed.

Why are the IRIX 5.3 native C compiler options -xansi -rdata_shared etc.
being passed to gcc?  *Nothing* about configure should have worked with
that combination.

} I've done the `reporter' thing, too. Hope you can help me.

Normally "reporter" would only help debug a problem with zsh itself, not
with the build process, but in this case it actually sheds some light.

What the heck is this stuff doing in your environment?

} CFLAGS="\'(-xansi -rdata_shared -p0 -g0 -s -O2 -32)\'"
} CPP="/lib/cpp"
} export CFLAGS
} export CPP

The parens in your failed build are coming from that CFLAGS environment
variable, which it looks as though you attempted to create as an array
(with parens around the value); but arrays aren't exported in zsh, so
somehow or other you got the parens into the value itself instead.

Or something; I'm gussing wildly here.

Get those out of your environment.  They'll screw up every compile you
attempt, zsh or anything else.  If there's an option to IRIX's `make'
to tell it to NOT import variables from the environment when processing
makefiles, start using it habitually.

unset CFLAGS
unset CPP
rm config.cache

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