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Re: pushd

> I'm with you for a PUSHD_CYCLE option, set by default, which when not
> set would give the old zsh behavior.
> Is the following the ChangeLog entry for pushd becoming cyclic?  Has it
> really been that long ago?
>         March/April 1995
>         * pushd/popd changes from Anthony Heading <aheading@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, it was about then -- it was in the hzoli releases from the start, I think.

I was trying to keep quiet on this one, since I never had a particular axe to
grind, but compatibility with other shells seems sensible.

The idea was that the "old behaviour" remained available with cd +n,
while pushd/popd +n (which used to do the same as cd) moved to bash/csh
semantics.  I didn't anticipate that this could cause any aggravation, but
seemingly it has, for which I apologise. I guess it's because I set
AUTOPUSHD, so there really is no lost functionality.

Would it make people happy if (optionally?) cd +n pushed the current directory?
Then cd +n could be exactly the same as the old pushd +n.


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