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RE: pushd

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> On Oct 17,  2:22pm, Anthony Heading wrote:
> } Subject: Re: pushd
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> } Bart wrote:
> } > } I have to say, the cd functions are a real mess.
> } > 
> } > and I agree you have a bit of a mess.
> } 
> } Hmmph.  I guess I'm not supposed to take that personally. :-)
> A former employer of mine, venturing rather too far into the Dilbert Zone,
> once sent thirty of us to a three-day seminar whose main focus was how to
> have code reviews without taking them personally.  A fine idea, but not
> one that requires three days to elaborate upon.

Oh, god!  I thought it was just us!  We just went through the same thing.  
But the whole division is going---500-700 people.    The first day was 
intellectually insulting "california 60's" psycho-babble and typical 
argle-barble "map/territory" confusion.  I walked out at noon.  The week 
before, there was a Dilbert about "Whoh! We can't just rush into the 
pre-meeting meeting without having a pre-pre-pre meeting to set it up!"   So,
 guess what we covered in the next 2 days!!!???

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