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Re: pushdcycle and pushdignoredups

Bart wrote:
> A while back, in his announcement of the test4 release I believe, Zoltan
> remarked that he thought my pushdcycle patch still needed some work with
> respect to pushdignoredups.
> As far as I can tell, the patch already works exactly as it should (that
> is, with pushdcycle unset, it works exactly as zsh did before the cyclic
> pushd behavior was added).

Well, examining it again I confess that there seems to be no problem with
that patch.  But is it really necessary?  Isn't Functions/pushd enough for
those who prefer the old behaviour?  Generally I do not like to add a
feature which can be achieved using existing shell tools.  Since this
particular case adds so little extra code I am convicable that this feature
may be worth those extra few bytes but where is the border?

Also the number of options in zsh is already large enough to frighten an
average user.


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