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Re: pushdcycle and pushdignoredups

On Nov 4,  9:40am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: pushdcycle and pushdignoredups
} "Bart Schaefer" wrote:
} > (Aside #2:  Does anybody wish there were an equivalent of "localoptions"
} > that applied to functions and aliases, so that autoloads could blow away
} > all the possible screwy redefinitions of builtins from their environment,
} > yet have them magically restored when the function exits?)
} Yes, particularly aliases (I can put with `command ls', but `command 'ls''
} is going too far)

When does that problem come up?  I can't seem to get it to happen to me,
unless I use "alias -g" in which case I'd *expect* it to happen.

zagzig[337] alias echo
zagzig[338] alias echo='echo x'
zagzig[339] echo
zagzig[340] command echo

zagzig[341] function blat() {
function> echo
function> }
zagzig[342] blat
zagzig[343] function blat() {
function> command echo
function> }
zagzig[344] blat


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