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Re: Purified zsh-3.0.1

Geoff Wing (gwing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> :I hope this will help debugging...  Those ABR-s in line editor could
> :be the cause of coredumps seen on Ultrix, that are quite hard to
> :repeat.
> This is a patch (on top of 2351 and its predecessor though it'll
> patch without them)

I applied the patch manually.

> I believe it will fix said problem.

Yup, that fixes it (at least I cannot repeat it anymore).  Anyway, zsh
is very stable, in the sense of purify.  Now there are no more
array-bound reads or writes.

> It doesn't seem likely to me that it would be the cause of any
> coredumps.

But it is possible, as soon as you read memory outside of the
allocated block, isn't it?  The fact that the read was off-by-one
could account for those dumps being hard to repeat.

Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic@xxxxxxx> | Student at FER Zagreb, Croatia

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