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Re: Handling for ZLE modules

On Nov 11,  2:07pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: Handling for ZLE modules
} O.K., the only rational way of doing this is to seek and destroy any
} binding to a function which is deleted.

I agree with the changes made in this patch, but I wanted to point out
that this is the second patch in the last 24 hours that has clashed
with a previous patch.  The last patch from Zoltan, and now this one
from Peter, both conflict with Zefram's from a few days ago.  I can't
remember how long it has been since that last happened with patches I
applied from zsh-workers.

Fortunately, the resolution for the rejects was relatively obvious, and
it's nice that this has generated so much interest.  I'm beginning to
worry, however, that we're about to start producing contradictory fixes
for the same problems.  Should we try to get this organized somehow
before that happens?  Or are we just counting on Zoltan to have enough
free time to sort it all out?

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