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Re: modules configuration patch

> >     like $(@D@LEXT) have varying effect.  It's hacky, but portably doing
> >     anything complex in a Makefile is a bit of a black art anyway.
> I was a bit afraid of that myself.  With a better make we can hack up some
> automatic rules for K&R compilers and we may delete those _file.c rules.
> This hack is a bit more difficult for modules.

When I rewrote the Makefiles, I spent a good deal of time trying
to find a portable way to handle the conversion for K&R compilers.
In the end, my conclusion was that using the _file.c makefile rules
was the only way to go.  Nothing else was portable.  The only
alternative would be to require people to have GNU make (which has
the ability to do some fancy rules based on pattern matching).  I would
be against this.  The current way of using _file.c makefile rules is
simple and portable.  I don't see any need to change it.


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